Hume family plants tree of peace


August 4, 2022 16:18

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On the 2nd Anniversary of John Hume's passing, the Hume family andgrandchildren were joined by Bishop Donal McKeown, in the grounds of StEugene's Cathedral, to plant a 'Tree of Peace' in honour of John & Pat Hume.Tim Attwood, Hume Foundation Secretary said: "The Hume family andgrandchildren gathered quietly in the grounds of St Eugene's Cathedral, toplant a 'Tree of Peace' in honour of their parents and grandparents John andPat Hume. The Tree of Peace is a symbol of peace-making. The newly playedOak Tree sapling may be fragile today but over future decades will growstrong and sturdy. At times our peace process may appear fragile anduncertain but as John Hume said over the generations our peace will becomemore stronger and more durable and our communities will grow morereconciled."Also on @derryyplahouse there is video about acts of kindness - can this goup as wellJohn and Pat Hume knitted kindness into the troubled tapestry of NorthernIreland. As we move closer to presenting a work about their contribution toour lives, we honour John on his anniversary, by sharing with you some oftheir quiet acts of kindness.