Inaugural ACIS John and Pat Hume Foundation Fellowship Winner announced


May 9, 2022 17:11

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On Saturday 30 April, during the online American Conference for Irish Studies, itwas announced that Eimear Rosato, from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada),was chosen as the 2022 recipient of the Inaugural ACIS John and Pat HumeFoundation Fellowship.

The ACIS John and Pat Hume Foundation Fellowship was set upthis year with an aim to fund a graduate whose research exemplifies the lifeand legacy of John Hume by contributing to good relations between Ireland Northand South, and between Ireland and Britain.

Eimear Rosato’s researchfocuses on the Intergenerational view of the Troubles, through the lenses ofmemory and reconciliation.

Speaking on how it felt to be the inaugural recipient ofthe fellowship, Eimear said:

“Growing up in the North of Ireland during thetime of the Peace Process, John and Pat Hume were figures of peace andreconciliation, their work inspired me throughout my University experience andin particular as I have been working through my PhD project. As John Hume oncesaid ’The basis of peace and stability, in any society, has to be the fullestrespect for the human rights of all its people.’ My research in examining theIntergenerational memory of the Troubles deals with human rights issues within bothNationalist and Unionist communities, and this quote has been the foundation ofmy framework. I am honoured to be the first recipient of this award and am verygrateful to the American Conference of Irish Studies and the John and Pat HumeFoundation for this incredible and prestigious award.”

Speaking about the fellowship committee’s decision, KateCostello-Sullivan, ACIS Past-President and 2022 Hume Fellowship SelectionCommittee member, explained:

“We found Ms. Rosato's work on the"Ceasefire Generation's view of the Troubles (through the lenses of memoryand reconciliation) to be promising and exciting in the new ground it willbreak.  As importantly, its clearalignment with the Hume Foundation's message and goals will foster andencourage further research and initiatives on behalf of cross-communitydialogue and the broader aims of sustainable peace, reconciliation, and supportfor human rights. Based on her personal experience and the well-laid groundworkalready in place for this project, we trust that Ms. Rosato will be able to usethis support to advance her hopeful, critically-informed academic andcommunity-building work.”

Speaking on behalf of the John and Pat Hume Foundation, ProfessorSeán Farren, Chair of the Hume Foundation and 2022 Hume Fellowship SelectionCommittee member, said:

“Eimear Roasato is a very worthy inauguralwinner of the John and Pat Hume Fellowship provided in conjunction with theAmerican Conference for Irish Studies. Her research into the role and influenceof intergenerational memory in two Belfast communities is very much in linewith what John and Pat Hume would have supported. Eimear's research will make avaluable contribution to the process of reconciliation between our communities.”

The applications for the 2023 Hume Foundation Fellowshipwill open in August 2022, you can find out more about the fellowship here -