John & Pat Hume honoured with TK Whitaker award


May 9, 2022 17:11

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John & Pat Hume were honoured with the TK Whitaker award at the Business & Finance Awards dinner on Tuesday 12 April 2022 in the Dublin Convention Centre.Bono presented the award to their grandchildren Ollie and Rachel, Mark Durkan gave thanks on behalf of Hume family and Rachel Hume, 13 yr old granddaughter of John & Pat Hume read a beautiful poem written by their grandchildren for their grandads funeral.

RTE Drive time did a detailed piece on Wednesday 13 April 2022. Link:

This was originallyread at the grave of John Hume

Poem read at Business & Finance Awards Dinner Rachel Hume, granddaughter of John & Pat Hume.

Dear Grandad,

The last time we met you weren’t feeling yourself. But we sat and we chatted, wegot you something sweet and you came round to chatting and charming like youalways used to do.

The next day you were right as rain, giving orders and singing songs.

We used to say you’d be around with the cockroaches. Although I’m heartbroken thatthat’s not true, I’m grateful that in the end it was peaceful and kind. Justlike you.

In truth, you have been sick for most of my life. The stories of your brilliantmind and fearless endeavours have been filled in for me by those who rememberthem better.

Despite all this, you were still the biggest presence in the room, the person we talkedabout most when we were together.

Grandad,because of you an entire nation gets to live in a happier and more hopefulreality.

Because of you my generation enjoy a security and peace which we often take forgranted.

Because of you, your grandchildren know compassion, patience, respect, and the immensevalue that every person, sick or well, brings to the world.

We will miss the singing, we’ll miss thegentle smile, the thousand questions, the Derry nursery rhymes.

We’ll miss the gifts of toblerone and instructions to hide them under the bed beforeour Mummy sees them.

Your grandchildren will remember your grumpiness as fondly as we remember yourgenerosity.

You dedicated your life to bringing us peace. I hope now you have found some foryourself xx