Pat Hume – A Constant Source of Hope, Inspiration and Support


September 2, 2021 21:41

EU flags at the European Commission Berlaymont building

Sean Farren, Chair of the Hume Foundation said: ‘The John and Pat Hume Foundation are deeply saddened at the passing of Pat Hume, loving wife of John Hume and mother to Aine, Therese, Aidan, John and Mo.  Pat Hume was always a source of strength and support to John sharing his values, his ideas and his approach to peace and to ending conflict.

From the Civil Rights movement, and throughout the Troubles, to the Good Friday Agreement and beyond until John retired, Pat guided operations on the ground, manning John’s constituency office in Derry. She assisted many young people caught up in the Troubles and dealt with issues presented to her by thousands who were encountering housing problems, social security issues and health and education concerns. For her work on their behalf the people of Derry and beyond have a deep sense of gratitude.