Replay Event. Kennedy and Hume: A Journey of Peace in Northern Ireland 


June 27, 2022 10:54

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The Edward M. Kennedy Institute, John & Pat Hume Foundation, and the Consulate Generalof Ireland in Boston commemorated the 50th anniversary of the first meeting between Senator Edward M. Kennedy and John Hume, and its profound impact onfinding a path to peace in Northern Ireland, on 23 June 2023 12pm Irish Time

 Congressman Joe Kennedy III said: “My Uncle Teddy was so incredibly proud to nominate John Hume was delighted tonominate John Hume for the Nobel Peace Prize and he was particularly excitedthe Committee listened. John Hume was not just about freedom and justice and righteousnessflowing down like an everlasting stream. He loved language, literature and laughter.”

Aidan Hume spoke of the first meeting between John Hume and Sen Kennedy in 1972 as; “A catalyst for positive events. For John Hume, Sen Kennedy showed thepower of example and inspiration. He talked to me many times of Sen. Kennedy’s acumen, grasp of detail, his knowledge of Ireland and his legislative prowess.”

 Dr Sean Farren said:” Senator Kennedy sought advice fromsomeone at the heart of the troubles in Northern Ireland. And that person hemet was John Hume. And it wasn’t a one-off briefing … it was a discussion andconversation that evolved into a friendship between the two of them.” 

 Ambassador Soderberg: ”Tonight is atribute about the bond between two great figures of peace …  And they just loved being together. They loved a good song, a good jab, a good joke. And theyjust loved each other’s company.” 

Ambassador Soderberg added: “Simply put, JohnHume principles of rights of people not territory laid the foundation for the GFA.  The bond Hume and Ted Kennedy forged enabled them to move PrimeMinisters, Presidents, and political leaders to forge peace.  Leaders today would be well advised to put those principles forward once again topreserve the GFA."

Ambassador Mulhall said: “John Hume demonstrated indomitable patience, perseverance andpersistence. John turned the clock forward in the peace process … He helpedcreate an agreement that showed the character of Northern Ireland.”

AmbassadorMulhall added: “Brexit is a very unwelcome visitor to the Northern Irelandpeace process. We have to get around this, and we need support from our friendsin America to navigate this rough water.”

Watch the event below. You can also see photos from the event here.