The John & Pat Hume Foundation was established in 2020 to support and inspire Leadership for Peaceful Change.

We support peaceful change

The Foundation recognises that the most effective change-makers are often Quiet Leaders - those who may not have an official role in their local power structure or who may not regard themselves as leaders. We seek to partner with such leaders - shining a light on their work, standing in solidarity, rewarding their courage and contributing to their long-term resilience.

Peaceful Change for Social Justice

The Foundation has strong roots in Derry. Our principles are born from the realisation that all parties to a conflict must work together to achieve common goals and that violence is never an effective solution to Injustice. We use the example of John and Pat’s lived experience to assist reconciliation and long-term sustainable peace in conflict and post-conflict societies worldwide.

Peaceful Change for Reconciliation

The Foundation recognises that meaningful change begins with simple, consistent acts in a spirit of generosity and solidarity. We seek to support and enhance the determined and often unsung community organisations who are dedicated to improving lives in their communities, finding common ground and promoting inclusion.

Peaceful Change for Resilient Communities

The Hume Principles

The Hume foundation is guided by principles drawn from the actions and philosophy of John and Pat Hume.

Other activities

The Hume Foundation works in partnership with quiet leaders worldwide, focusing on thought shaping, outreach and support.


The Hume Foundation will create a toolkit for schools, students and communities who wish to learn more about non-violence as an effective philosophy for lasting change. We will partner with local youth programmes and charities who share our ideals, in Northern Ireland, Ireland and expanding globally with time.


The Hume Foundation will help shine a light on Quiet Leaders who are working to address Social and Economic injustices worldwide. The John and Pat Hume Peace Prize will be awarded annually to a change-maker who has shown true partnership, respect and resilience in their efforts to improve the lives of those around them.


The Hume Foundation plans to develop programmes which will provide practical support, resources, education, training and respite to peaceful change makers at home and internationally to strengthen their resilience and capacity.